Why no posts ??

Sorry guys for the no recent blog activities.
We are currently busy with learning swift for developing app for iPhone and iPad.The most advanced swift tutorials are on the way.Please subscribe to our Fb page or Twitter account to hear more from us.

We also heard that Google is trying swift rather than Kotlin for Android ~~!@!!!


My First API using Google App Engine and Flask.

Today, i want to share about my latest Github project which i created using Google App Engine and Pycharm. I used micro web framework Flask for creating the API.

Actually,it is really easy to design API using GAE.

This simple api will generate a simple json of latest whatsapp download link and version number.

Later,i will add a tutorial series … Read more

Sending free sms using api


Hi,In this article i will demonstrate how to send free sms using api.First of all,This method is only for indians and this is just an implementation of mashape sms api.Here,I used 2 different sms apis,one is free from webaroo (no login required,but limited sms) and other uses fullonlinesms(you need to signup).

Please make sure that,this is a Third Party Read more

[APP][PAID][4.0+]Power Button 1.0


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After developing Lite Rebooter Widget ,i always thought about a colourfull ,new designed Power Button.Finally,Power Button came to life 🙂

**This app requires ROOT permission

Easy and Friendly User Interface:

☆ Power Off (Shutdown your device)
☆ Reboot (Restart your device hardware)
☆ Soft Reboot (Fast boot & Restart your device software)
☆ Restart SystemUI (Restart your System User Interface)… Read more